Cigar boxes for any sized hands! 


We've changed, the old school Cigar Box to make it better for everybody to use. We have added Soft corners to prevent injury when dropped and an inside grove to help with finger grip when throwing and catching. We've also made the design scalable; meaning that we can print at 100%, 75%, 60% and 50% size (of original cigar box size) so that it can fit smaller hands!


You can even leave these outside or at the bottom of a lake for years and they will still function perfectly.


Super grippy, incredibly durable, custom size and weights available.

75% Cigar Boxes

Colour of Outside
Colour of Inside

The price is for one Box, please choose your colours and how many Box's you'd like.

The inside plastic is made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles (PETG) and printed via sustainable energy. Please note that the TPU outside is not currently recycled, we are working on this! 

Stiklings C.I.C. take no responsibility for any harm caused in use with or related to this product.  Use at your own risk.