The Tightwire Trainer and the Teeny Tiny Tightwire Trainer, are aids in developing equilibristics skills.


Emulating a Tightwire wire, with its rounded top, these reduce a lot of the movement associated with Tightwires, so we have a smaller, (probably) safer, lighterweight and cheaper version of a normal tightwire.  


The Tightwire Trainer is 12.5cm tall, the Teeny Tiny Tightwire Trainer is 5cm tall. Both are 20cm long.


Coming in two sizes, both achieve the same goal, however the taller one is more attractive for participants wanting a challenge.  Just that extra little bit of danger for motivation.


Both sizes can fit together and have TPU non slip pads inserted into the bottom.

So you can start small and then step up!


We have introduced curved sections, 15 sections of a curve make a complete circle, with an inner diamiter of 80cm and outer diamiter of 1m.


Each piece is sold seperately, join pieces together to make a straight or curved balance trainer of your desired length.  Pieces can be used seperately for single foot balance challenges.


That's right, a cheaper, lighter weight, incredibly fast setup and take down tightwire!

Tightwire Trainer

Colour of Base
Colour of Top

The price is for one section, please choose your colours and how many pieces you'd like.


This product is made from 99.5% recycled plastic water bottles and printed via solar power, please note that the TPU slip pads are not recycled, however theyre cheap and easy to replace.


Stiklings C.I.C. take no responsibility for any harm caused in use with or related to this product.  Use at your own risk.